Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Half-page Homework

As promised, here are my homework assignments from the conference of 150 words/half a page. Every word had to be one syllable unless 1) it was a proper noun, 2) it had 5 letters or less, or 3) it was a contraction. I think I managed to abide by those rules. Don't count the words, though, I used the "half a page" guideline.


My spouse is the best friend I have, for he makes each day a joy. We laugh and smile. We share our hurts and those things that grieve our souls. Plus, we share praise and prayer to our great God.

It took a while for us to meet and marry. He turned one score and twelve the day after we got hitched. I was one score and six. But since most of our friends were hitched while we were still in school, we each dealt with being alone for many years.

We were great friends while I was in grad school and shared that kind of love for five years. God's time is ideal, though. I was through with school, and Darin was ready to begin a new level of work at school when we felt God’s call to marry. Since we had to wait so long, we know the value of each other both for these last eight years and ever.

Since then, I’ve never wished for any thing other than to walk the road of life with Darin and the Lord. Sure, it’s had some bumpy spots, but my faith in them both is strong.

My hope as a young woman was to marry my best friend. I got to do just that, and I am the most blessed woman I know.


We have a new puppy, Dodger. He’s a black ball of curls and fur, with dark brown eyes and a happy stump of a tail. He loves to lick the faces and hands of all, and is so glad to meet new ones that he will tinkle all over the floor [I don't like the word "pee," so I made this exception]. He’s lived with us only one month, and he is a true part of our lives. We’ve been on our trip twelve days, now, and we miss him.

His best toy is a stuffed gray hare. He puts it in his mouth and growls, “rrrrr,” while he shakes his head from left to right.

Dodger was close to being trained to go “out” when we left. We gave him a treat when he did what he should. I hope he won’t lapse when we get back. [He has.]

For now, he spends each day with Duane, Mary, Taylor and their dog Gizmo. The dogs like to play and hump each other. That’s gross; they’re both males.

We’ll be home soon, Dodger.

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