Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day #3

So far, so good today!

Darin and I shared breakfast with the girl from New York I met the first night. I guess she decided she couldn't beat us friendly Texans, so she'd join us!

Heading from there to the morning session, she and I listened to the keynote speaker give her life story. Lovely lady, but I'd rather read the bio.

Nevertheless, the next seminar was great joy as we continued to discuss devotional writing for publication. I'm really connecting with this subject matter, can you tell?!?! Then, I had lunch with the instructor of that seminar only to learn that she was an "Almost Christian" from Abilene Christian University. She, of course, addressed the fact that I was a "Hardened Sinner" from Hardin-Simmons University. A not-so-subtle rivalry between our Abilene universities. I also got to meet her husband, a delightful and jolly man (I mean this in the truest sense of the word). He had a gregarious smile and contagious personality of joy, and he's a truck driver. I honestly think that he's been ignored by some of the "holier-than-thou, what-can-you-do-for-me, ivory-tower-dwelling, esoteric-thinking" writers, not realizing that he's a college-educated former manager who retired and drives a truck because he thinks it's fun. [I'm in a class right now talking about run-on sentences. I'm rebelling and including that last one on purpose.]

I visited with a Children's devotional magazine editor just before this, and it was encouraging. She read something I've written for some friends of ours and said the story kept her interested and intrigued enough to want to know how it ended. That's good news, I figure!

I may have to find another class. This one's turning into an English lesson. I'll let you know.

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