Sunday, May 18, 2008

Delightful Days

I did next to nothing yesterday and it was absolutely wonderful! We enjoyed a great breakfast of biscuits and gravy with a side of grits (yum, yum) then Darin went to play a round of golf at a local course while I stayed at the hotel, poolside, working on the Haggai Bible study lesson that's due in less than a month.

I managed to pick up a sunburn while rewriting and editing, so I'll be carrying my purse on my left shoulder, not my right, for the next few days. But the day was so enjoyable and relaxing, I don't mind the pain it brought with it. What's funny is that the pool wasn't even open for the season, yet. I lounged by a big hole in the ground! Every kid that walked by and saw me sitting there begged their parents to let them swim, until they saw the water-less pit. At that point, I got some pretty funny looks. But, when there's a beautiful breeze on a sunny, 72 degree day, I don't care how odd I look beside an arid pool.

I failed to share a picture of our entrance into North Carolina Friday morning. West Virginia's clouds had nothing on the fog that met us. We literally could not see the grass on either side of our road a couple of times. We actually were in the last few miles of Virginia when we took this pic, but North Carolina had its share of fog, too.As for today, Sunday, we visited a church called The Rock and had a great time of worship. I was impressed by the friendliness of the church; they even had greeters in the parking lot to direct us to visitor parking and welcome us to their fellowship. It's amazing how the "fellowship of believers" connects us no matter where we find ourselves. The Church, the bride of Christ, is still his whether here in North Carolina or in Timbuktu. Brothers and sisters all over the world united by One Faith, One Hope and One Baptism in One Savior. Amazing!

We're getting checked in at the Writer's Conference. We'll see how it goes!


Anonymous said...

Woof Woof.... I see you both are having a good too me too...My new friend Gizmo and I are having a good time.... See you when you get home...
Love Dodger

Anonymous said...

Yes, Julie -- West Virginia gets a lot of rain. That is why it is green. The tunnels always drip -- leaks, probably! Before the tunnel was made it took a little more than an hour to get from Bluefield WV to Rocky Mount Va. Now it takes minutes to go through that tunnel! The heavy fog you hit is a regular problem on I-77 south of Hillsboro. Glad you got through it safely. Sometimes you have to ride looking out the right window to see the white line to make sure you are in your lane! The segment of 77 you were on through Virginia and NC is the part that goes from our hometown in Bluefield to the Charlotte area where we lived for 8years (our son is still there and our daughter is a couple of hours from there. BTW - Bluefield, WV is called "Nature's Air-Conditioned City". When we were kids the Chamber of Commerce handed out free lemonade when the temperature got above 90 degrees. Hope you enjoyed your visit. After all, West Virginia is almost heaven!