Thursday, May 15, 2008

Indiana to Cincinnati

Apparently, cities see us coming and decide, "Oh, it's Darin and Julie, let's have unseasonable and unusual weather."

When we honeymooned in Boston, they had a heat wave; when we visited Washington D.C. they had record low temperatures. Today, in Indianapolis and Cincinnati we froze our tail-feathers in the cold and rain! Thankfully, we're a little more prepared than those other trips, so we won't be wearing the same clothes in all our pictures!

Today at Indianapolis and tonight at the ball game in Cincinnati, Darin and I were each wearing two shirts, a sweatshirt and a jacket. Now, I will fully admit that we are thin-skinned Southerners, but it is MAY for goodness sake!

Cincinnati turned out to be prettier than I expected. Lots of rolling hills and tons of trees. Downtown had an industrial feel, of course, but we found the fountain from the opening scenes of WKRP. (The opening scenes are all either of us have ever seen; our parents wouldn't allow us to watch that show.)

We really enjoyed eating at Rock Bottom Brewery. Now, don't jump to any conclusions - it was 3:30 in the afternoon; we didn't get liquored up. They happen to make fabulous hand-brewed ROOTbeer in the restaurant.

The view from our hotel has been amazing. (Definitely the most expensive place we'll stay on this trip, thanks to

Oddly enough, we found a fellow believer at the ballpark. The woman who took the photo on the right said, "Praise the Lord" when Darin and I liked the picture she'd taken! Oh, and the reason I'm laughing so hard in the picture at the top is because that was one of more than 20 attempts to take a picture together without help. I'm a picky photographer.

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