Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Baseball Bats and Bungalows

We started yesterday morning in Louisville, visiting the Louisville Slugger manufacturing plant and museum. (Which was no easy feat, I might add; we had the hardest time finding it downtown!) But the Lord supplied us with a fun surprise when we found a parking space – nearly an hour was already paid for on the meter! Darin tested bats like those used by Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, and Jackie Robinson. (I personally didn’t know there was a single difference between one bat or another, but apparently they vary by many ounces and stylistic preferences.)

From there we drove to Indianapolis observing classic Indiana farmland along the way that looked like scenes from the movie Hoosiers! Our first stop was to visit the home of the 23rd US President: Benjamin Harrison. That’s his house you see to the right, a beautiful Victorian. Oddly enough, we met a couple from Baton Rouge, where of course, I have family. Even more interesting was the fact that he taught computer science at the University of Texas years ago! Although the Harrison bungalow (OK, mansion) is currently under renovation, so it’s not at its peak asthetically, we got to walk into some rooms that are normally off-limits, so that made up for the lack of wallpaper in some of the rooms.

Next, we visited Lockerbie Square, a charming historic neighborhood of Victorian homes and bungalows. That’s a picture of Darin in our rental car on one of the cobblestone streets. I don’t think I’ve ever actually driven on a real one, before!

Desperate for gasoline, we filled up at $3.95 per gallon (OUCH!) as we traveled to see BIG “bungalows” belonging to the Indianapolis Pacers, Colts and Indians (their stadiums, that is) before finding our hotel for the evening. We’ve already found the Speedway, and we’re planning to visit it today.

No deep thoughts to share today, just enjoying the diversity of this amazing world designed by our wonderful Creator!

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