Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day #3 Cont'd.

I did end up leaving that class, and was glad for the exchange I made. It was much more helpful, informative and enjoyable. Plus, the instructor, a proofreading editor, seemed to think I was a grammar scholar, so it was a small boost to my ego. So what if I was sitting directly in front of him, and since he's hard of hearing, mine were the only answers he heard to the questions he asked? I'll take what I can get.

This evening, Darin and I hung around the room instead of attending the general session. He watched an episode of Andy Griffith (and maybe The Three Stooges - I can't remember) while I finished my writing homework, an assignment from my morning class. We were to write a devotional to be turned in for consideration in publication of the devotional magazine, The Upper Room. I reworked the story about my Grandma sitting on a snake; we'll see how it goes. I feel pretty good about it.

We had one other assignment, as well. We had to write 150 words/half a page about a topic we care about deeply. BUT we could only use one-syllable words. There were a few exceptions: proper nouns, contractions and words with five letters or less. It's harder than it sounds, or at least harder than I expected it to be.

I actually did it twice. The first I wrote about Darin, but I'm afraid I'll get emotional if I have to read it aloud tomorrow. So, I wrote one about Dodger the Dog just in case. I'll post them later with a note about my final day of the conference.

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