Friday, May 2, 2008

Doing Things with Dodger

We've taken Dodger in the car to several places since we adopted him into our home. The first trip was to Dollar General (to buy a leash) and on to Brookshires. He seemed so nervous and completely unable to balance himself with the movement of the car. The next trip was to the church office to make the acquaintance of Judy and Valerie, our church secretaries. He didn't want to even get in the car. Last night we went back to the church for T-Ball practice where he met the team. He did a little better, but he still didn't seem too excited about the ride.

We went to the Jacksonville Walmart tonight. While I ran in to buy dog biscuits and a thousand other items, Darin patiently waited with Dodger in the parking lot, walking him, playing with him and petting him. When I got to the car, I loaded our purchases and after one last walk with Dodger (for which he earned a treat), we headed for home.

I'm in my pjs a little early this evening. Not because I necessarily wanted to be, but because I needed to be. You see, we learned something about Dodger tonight. He gets motion sick. We'd literally pulled into the garage, and Darin had turned off the ignition when Dodger threw up.

On me.

Our trips with Dodger will hereforto be limited to the Frankston city limits, I think.

P.S. After Dodger got out of the car, he left a land mine in the garage floor. Darin found it, accidentally.

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