Thursday, September 6, 2007

Something New

What a day of firsts:

1. I began my new job as part-time tutor at Frankston Elementary School. It went fairly well. I read science tests to half a dozen 4th graders trying to take them. I hope I didn't help more than I should have, but I really didn't have any direction offered to me. I probably wasn't supposed to affirm right or wrong answers, so I tried not to, but a few times, the kids had made mistakes previously that they later realized need correction. I honestly wasn't sure where the line was between proctor and tutor, nor was I sure which role I was actually supposed to be playing.

2. I played for my first funeral at FBC Frankston. Thomas Cook passed away this week, and I played pre-service and recessional music. For the most part, I used the line up for the Lord's Suppers that I used when we were at Memorial. As you might expect, the majority of those songs were subdued and calming. Although, I'm not sure how appropriate the words would have been, had they been sung at the service. No one came storming down the aisles with complaints, so I guess what I did was OK!

3. I began my new tap dancing class. So, I've never had a dance lesson in my life - not surprising as the daughter of a Southern Baptist minister, probably- but, breaking all the rules, I've signed up for tap lessons. At least, for the month of September. We'll see how it goes. I was the only beginner to sign up, so I've been put in a class of advanced students. It wouldn't be so bad except one of the participants used to own and direct a dance studio - really advanced! She and the others were so nice, though. We'll see how it goes. It's being taught by Brandi Johnson, whom I met in the College and Career class when we came in view of a call in April. At least that connection helps me feel a little more relaxed. I think I did fairly well in light of my ignorance. I picked up the first step series pretty quickly, but the second one went really fast!

I guess more than anything I'm proud of myself for trying something so new and well, other, than me. Plus, it's a great form of exercise - I was sweating like crazy! As for the other firsts we'll take those opportunities one day at a time. I'm going to sleep pretty well tonight, I expect!

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