Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I Am Blessed

I just spent a wonderful time of laughter with two really great ladies, respectively. First, I had lunch with a woman in my church whom I've wanted to get to know better, but until today, hadn't really had the opportunity. We drove to Tyler and visited over a great Mexican dinner, sharing a little of our pasts, our present circumstances, and even some of our future hopes. I don't think she'll understand how much her outreach of friendship meant to me, especially after this week of difficulty and disappointment, and I look forward to more visits like this one!

The second lady was my sister, Jennifer. We've not been able to be as close as I'd like, due to geography, but today brought her in close to my soul, and I'm so glad. We shared joyfully about about life, the people we love, and even the people that make life, well, interesting. Mostly, though, we celebrated the good things, like my niece, Laura's first birthday, which is today! In fact, Jennifer was at the store this morning, and happened to notice a blouse that she liked for Laura. When she arrived home, the mail came, and upon opening the gift box we'd sent, she found that exact same shirt! I picked a winner! Best of all, she said Laura held onto it like she really liked it. Apparently, we have a shopper on our hands, though. Laura, Jennifer said, squeals when she senses the possibility of new clothes! That'll be fine as long as she doesn't have champagne tastes on a beer budget! That remains to be seen, I guess, she's only allowed juice and milk for now! Ha!

I also got to speak with my nephew Russell, when he awoke from his nap. He'll be three in December, and had a lot to tell me about his trucks and wagon and playing. Most importantly, he said, "I love you." See, I told you I was blessed!

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