Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm a Huge Fan

OK, I confess. I'm a huge fan. There aren't many people that I would make a fool of myself to get to meet, but Lucille Ball and Jim Brickman are two of them. And seeing as how Lucy is no longer available for interviews (unless you do the whole seance thing, and that's just creepy weird, and well, wrong), then I'll be happy to settle for Jim Brickman. I ordered his new Christmas CD and it arrived yesterday. Autographed, I might add! Needless to say, I plugged it in immediately, so I've been swinging to the tunes of Silent Night and numerous other Christmas favorites. Yes, I know it's September. But it's Jim Brickman, and it's autographed!

On a more sensible note, I had a great time today tutoring. I worked with some fourth graders in Math (subtraction with borrowing, to be exact), and then helped my third grade friend with some reading issues. We looked at our mouths in mirrors to see the difference between "full, fall, fool" and discussed "want" vs. "won't" and read a book about a mom going on a diet who puts her whole family on the diet with her - kinda funny, actually. The coolest thing is the respectfulness that I saw in several of the kids. "Yes ma'am" and "No ma'am" were commonplace, and we laughed a little while we worked, too. So I guess the truth is, I'm a huge fan of those kids (in addition to Jim Brickman). A big shout-out to Justice Bean, Braden Womack and Chloe Carnes, whom I also happened to see in their classrooms today!


nuttandhoney said...

Here's a big cyber hug
When I see you in person I will give a real one. Thanks for sharing your thunk thoughts. :)

Julie M said...

I have a stupid question who is Jim Brickman????? :-(

Anonymous said...

Justice Bean shouts back! {and loves the attention by the way}
I'm glad you are enjoying your job...kids are KOOL aren't they!

Renee' (& Justice)

Julie M said...

I took your advice and went to his website!!! It's different but I LOVE IT!!!!!