Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Only God

Wow! I just got home from the Praise Team rehearsal for Sunday morning, and am once again assured that only God can do some of the amazing things that happen in life. We were able to get through the rehearsal on time, and what a rehearsal it was. The voices all blended beautifully - this was the first time we had everyone together - and the harmonies were outstanding. I can't wait for the people in my Sunday School class to be a part of worship on Sunday. I hope they are beside themselves with joy; that their thirst will be quenched, if only for a moment; that they hear their language being spoken, and that they can speak in their own words from the depths of their souls. My only fear at this point is that I once again have a throat infection, and without a miracle from God's hand, it won't be any better. I worked my voice hard tonight, and I'm really rather worried. I'm feeling a bit feverish and light-headed, too. Ok, Lord, you did an amazing thing tonight as we practiced and worshiped together, please heal my throat, sinuses, etc. with completeness. Only You can do such an amazing thing.

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