Friday, October 26, 2007

A Perfectly Divine Evening

I know that different people would define and describe my title for today in different ways. But for me, last night was wonderful, so here's a glimpse of what perfectly divine looks like to me: We began the evening with dinner at Pappadeaux's (gumbo for an appetizer; then jumbo shrimp drowned in cheeses and peppers, wrapped in bacon on a bed of dirty rice; completed with a 7 layer banana pudding - now you're hungry aren't you?). Then it was off to the Meyerson for the glorious music of Beethoven. The DSO did a masterful job playing Symphonies 3 and 4, with incredible dynamic changes and amazing accuracy on some very difficult sections. Additionally, the two symphonies contain highlights for the oboes and French horns, my two favorite instruments. The acoustic in the hall was so full, too. When I closed my eyes, it was as though I was enveloped by the pure and powerful sound. Plus, I even learned a little, Symphony #3 was written with Napoleon in mind, a contemporary of Beethoven. Finally, to end the evening, we enjoyed stimulating and sincere conversation on the way home. So, there you go, my perfectly divine evening. Maybe not yours, but hey, it wasn't your birthday celebration! :-) Best of all, I've got shrimp leftovers to make the evening last a little longer!


Misty said...

Thanks for sharing. I couldn't wait to hear how the evening went. I am so glad that it was divine! And yes, I am jealous! Looking forward to seeing you guys tonight.

Julie M said...

I'm glad you had a GREAT time!!!!