Sunday, October 14, 2007

Square Fair has Gone

Wow! What a blast! Not only was Square Fair fun and well-organized, but our booth went so well! We took over three hundred photos throughout the day and gave away about 100 mouse pads and who knows how many pens. I don't know how God will use the events of yesterday, but I hope and pray that we touched lives for his good and glory. So many people were shocked to know that we were taking their photos for free.
Still others were delighted to be able to tell family members to be looking for a recent snapshot of themselves, family and friends on the web. But what made the whole thing worth it all was that three of the first four people to have their photo made also registered with us and indicated that they would be interested in knowing more about a relationship with God. They're teenagers, so we've let Chris know and he's assured us he'll make contact with them!

I was so pleased and proud of our volunteers, too. From Billy and Flo's tent to Debbie, Katrina, and Gem's talented artwork and decorating, we saw so many people using their skills, materials, and personalities to reach out. Damon hauled hay and took pictures. Valerie, Debbie, Tracci and Franchot snapped photos. Eddie provided a tablecloth. Julie, Judy, Ruth, Jerry, Chuck and Irene greeted folks and distributed the giveaways. Gem, Flo, Billy, Rochelle, Brittany, Chelsea, Andy and Darin encouraged people to come to the booth. Chris helped close down and load up at the end. Ryan even loaned his dog, Tipp for a couple of photos! Even though they couldn't be there on Saturday, Roy provided drinks for all the workers, Ann helped us with tent decisions, and Joey, Ann, Jennifer and Charlie provided ice for them. So many did additional things or multiple tasks that I don't have space to mention.

But the coolest thing was that in spite of some technical difficulties with the printer, everything went so smoothly. And, no one was locked down to one thing. When someone needed to take a break, someone else jumped in where they'd left off. There was no sense of "territorialism," but rather a sense of cooperative pride and ownership in the purpose behind what we doing: making a positive impression about the love of Christ through his church!

We didn't get pictures of everybody, so please forgive me if you were left out! And, by the way, that's Billy, Jennifer and myself in the 2nd photo from the top. That was early in the morning and we were still adjusting to our lighting issues!

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