Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I Don't Wannas

Darin and I have a saying around our house that we use to describe ourselves when we don't truly feel ill, but don't feel like we can take on the world, either. We call it the "I Don't Wannas." I've got a case of them today. They don't last forever, usually just a few hours. I guess it's what other people call the "Blahs." In this state, you don't really want to do anything terribly productive, but you feel lazy or guilty if you lie around on the couch. Furthermore, while your world certainly isn't crashing in on itself, perky people would do best to veer the other direction, lest their giddiness annoy you.

Don't worry, I got up and went to school this morning to tutor, and there was nothing at all to complain about there. The kids were as great as ever. But, after I came home and had some lunch, I still didn't wanna do much of anything. Especially iron, which is what I need to do. I didn't even wanna go out to the mailbox to get the 4 credit card applications that were there. (If I'd known that was all that was in there, I might have stayed inside anyway!) I summoned up the energy to shred them (whew), and now I'm ignoring the ironing board standing in the corner calling my name. Ju...lie... (Pardon me while I put it in the closet.)

I'd probably write more today, but you guessed it...I Don't Wanna.

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