Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lost or Raptured?

I realize Scripture tells us one day the earth and all it contains will pass away and only the souls of humanity will remain, but I'm convinced the Lord has already raptured a candle and a picture frame from my house.

Seriously, I can't find them anywhere. If I didn't remember moving them from the other house, I'd swear Mary's hiding them in the parsonage. (Just kidding, Mary.) I remember them being on the buffet in the dining room before Christmas and then storing them away (in a "safe" place) in order to make room for more festive decorations. Where I put them ... only the Lord knows. The good thing is, I know they're together, wherever they are.

I actually remember coming across them at one point back in late December and thinking, "Oh, this is where I put these things! I'll have to remember this when it comes time to replace the Christmas decorations." Yeah. That worked out. I've actually prayed multiple times the Lord will remind me where I've put them. Thus, since I haven't had a revealing answer to this prayer, I'm beginning to believe he liked them so well, he wanted to have them in heaven with him. That's great with me; it's a pretty candle, and it's one of our wedding photos in the frame. Someday, they'll be pleasant reminders of life here on earth.

Thank goodness Jesus isn't as absent-minded about me. He even told a crowd of people it was God's will that he never lose me - or you (see John 6:39), and he always did what pleased God (John 8:29). I'm glad he never hides me away or replaces me for something more attractive or festive.

Now, in all honesty, the candle doesn't smell that good; it's just pretty, and we can print out another of that wedding photo. So I'm not devastated, just stinkin' annoyed!

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Alison said...

This is great, Julie! Sometimes I think our stuff grows feet and sneaks away, snickering, just to confound us. Maybe your candle is really Lumiere from "Beauty and the Beast."
Thanks, too, for the reminder of God's unwavering love. It's so reassuring to know He has me in His grip.