Saturday, January 19, 2008

In Hot Water

Not figuratively, but literally, this time! Darin and I spent about 3 hours today removing the old kitchen sink faucet and about 15 minutes replacing it with a shiny new one. We'd noticed since we moved in 7+ months ago the supply of hot water to the sink diminishing, but at the same time, water to the dishwasher, washing machine and bath on that end of the house was nearly scalding. Using our great powers of deduction, (ha!) we determined that the faucet must be the problem. And we were right!

The reason it took so long to remove the old one was because underneath the sink, the joints between the handle and the line to the hot water were completely corroded. So, although we were attempting to open the hot water valve each time we've turned the handle to wash our hands or the dishes, it wasn't actually opening. Couple that with dried out plumber's putty further blocking the movement, and we had a disgusting and nasty mess to remove. Getting a grip on the nut that was melded to the bolt with sediment and calcium was nearly impossible. Let's just say some tools that aren't usually involved in plumbing were put to use. We wouldn't have been poster children for HGTV with our methodology. But, I'm happy to announce that I burned my fingers as I was scrubbing the sink clean! That's the best hot water I've been in, in a long time! YEA!

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