Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Birthday Greetings of Prominence

I am very fortunate and so blessed to have one remaining grandparent who will be celebrating an important milestone this year. Grandpa (Ken) Brown (my dad's dad) will be turning 90 years old on April 28. I'm particularly excited about this for two reasons: (1) he's still here - we've nearly lost him a few times, and I'm so thankful that the Lord has seen fit to let him remain a little longer, and that as of last week, he's doing well, and (2) I'm sending him a very special birthday greeting this year. Actually, I'm having it sent . . . from the White House! Any U.S. citizen turning 80 or older can receive a special birthday greeting to commemorate the big day. So this afternoon, I sent off my request.

If you know a senior adult who might enjoy this kind of fun surprise, here's the White House Greeting website. (Look under Invitations and Greetings, click on Guidelines for information about greetings.) You can make your request for a greeting in three ways: online, fax or snail-mail, as long as you get it in six weeks in advance. In addition to birthdays, they also will send baby, wedding, and anniversary (50th or more) greetings. But just in case, you might want to make sure the folks involved like the guy in office. ;-)

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