Saturday, June 14, 2008

Those of you who've read Darin's blog probably have no doubt why I haven't written lately. I'm surrounded right now on either side by kids in high chairs filling their tummies with bananas and Cap'n Crunch.

Wow. My world has changed.

The 1st century Christians were accused of turning the world upside-down. These kids have done that for me!

I didn't get to spend any time with the Lord (other than begging for help) until yesterday afternoon. I whispered Psalm 103 aloud to read "Ace" to sleep. I don't believe it was merely coincidence that the Word of God soothed him to sleep and assuaged my weary soul simultaneously.

Then, last night, to get "Champ" calmed for bed, I played classical music and quoted Psalm 23 over and over (and over and over). He fell asleep in less time than he has since he's been with us.

God's Word will never return void!

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Anonymous said...

You two have taken on a great responsibility-a calling that many turn from-these three children are blessed by being able to have two loving people open up their hearts and home for them. They are going to get in a routine and it will be much easier in the days to come! Stick with it-seeing you two in action with these children you will have no problem! God bless you 2