Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Welcome to Our Worship

Darin and I were blessed to have my Grandpa visiting over the last couple of days, and we had a wonderful time. He joined us for worship on Sunday morning and was very complimentary of the friendliness of our church family toward him. I was so thankful and proud!

We spent the time he was here playing dominoes (something I clearly inherited from him!), playing and going for walks with Dodger, sorting through rotten eggs, talking about meaningful events throughout the years, attending the opening of Charlie and Jennifer's BBQ, and eating molasses cookies (Grandma's recipe, of course).

The most wonderful thing of all happened the last night he was here, though. Darin and I welcomed Grandpa into our worship time that we share each evening. The devotional thought we read was about finding God's plans for us through scripture. The activity at the end of the page suggested that we each think of a time when God's word gave us a clear direction. Grandpa began: He recalled the numerous times in 5 states and more than 50 years, when as a pastor, he and Grandma sought the Lord's purpose for their lives and place of ministry. He said that there was never a time when he or Grandma doubted that God had led them to each particular church. Sometimes, he said, they took a pay cut, but they knew God's calling was specifically for that place in time, so they acted in obedience (with 8 kids, I might add). Even when things got hard, struggles came, or obstacles or people rose up in opposition to what he believed the Lord's leadership was, he never doubted that God meant for them to be at each of those churches, in each of those places.

For us, it was a testimony of trust in our faithful God. He said the Lord always provided for every need they had. Darin said he felt that same kind of assurance in coming to FBC. That it was truly in God's purpose and plan, and the Lord has certainly provided for us. Not just financially, but through the love of old friends and many supportive and encouraging new church members.

As we held hands together and prayed, myself centered between two of my three favorite men, I couldn't help but cry tears of thanksgiving. I knew the Lord was present and welcomed among us.

Thankfully, when we weren't playing dominoes he was able to get some rest in preparation for our big family birthday party this Saturday. It's not every day you celebrate 90 years!

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