Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Disgusted and Repulsed

I know I generally try to blog in such a way that there's a spiritual application or lesson the Lord is teaching me, but I have to share what happened last night. Darin and I were having stuffed bell peppers, corn and bread, and I decided a side of sliced peaches would be a great complement to our meal. So, I opened a can, poured it into a couple of bowls, and we sat down for supper.

After he'd finished eating his bowl, and I was nearly finished with mine, I found something rather unusual floating in the syrup. An artificial fingernail. Yeah, you're hungry now, too, aren't you? I managed to not get sick, but it took everything I had in me. It was in great condition, so I guess whoever lost it had just had their nails done. Maybe it hadn't dug in too many flowerbeds before it got in my food. Disgusted and repulsed are the only words to describe how I still feel today. Oh, and speaking of today...April Fool's.

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