Friday, April 22, 2011

Journey to Joshua (abbreviated version)

As of this morning (a very GOOD Friday!), we are the proud parents of an 11 day old baby boy!! We completed the legal paperwork and in court today adopted Joshua as a member of our family.

On March 9, we learned about an unborn baby available for adoption through a law firm in NW Arkansas that my Uncle Danny and Aunt Denise made us aware of. After completing the background information and updating our homestudy, we learned we were selected as the adoptive parents on March 23. The baby was due April 15! The last month has been filled with prayer and excitement as we anticipated what God was doing.  According to Arkansas law, the birthmother can change her mind any time between the time she has chosen the adoptive family and 10 days after the baby’s birth, even if she immediately signs the termination of parental rights. Additionally, the adoptive family is required to remain in the vicinity of the birth for those 10 days. So, with that kind of uncertainty, we didn't tell too many people and felt it best not to get too many hopes up.

Two weeks ago, we learned the birthmother was to be induced on April 11. So following our morning worship on Sunday, April 10, we headed to Danny and Denise’s home. (They have graciously hosted us since that day, enduring nights of a crying newborn with love and smiles!) On Monday morning, the 11th, Joshua was born at 11:25, weighing 7 lbs, 13 oz. and 19 in. long. We were permitted to go to the hospital that afternoon, and by 5:00, they had us placed in a room where we were able to meet Joshua and spend the night feeding, loving on and bonding with him! On Tuesday afternoon, we headed to the house and have spent the last 10 days waiting for the Lord to complete this good work he began. This morning, the legal aspects were completed and filed, and now the real journey of joy (and work!) begins!

We’re so excited to share this news with you and praise the Lord for His amazing and surprising goodness!

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The Throw-Away Bride said...

Amazing, amazing, amazing! I'm so very happy for you - beyond measure! What a gift from God! Dave & Shari Thomason