Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Running Water

I'm grateful for running water. Until it's running from under the sink.

After I'd showered and dressed this morning, I went to the kitchen in my bare feet to fix myself a bowl of cereal. As I poured the milk, I noticed the rug in front of the sink was a little damp. "Huh," I thought to myself, "I wonder what that's about; I'll need to keep an eye on that." Shrugging it off for the moment, I took a few bites and realized my Honey Smacks tasted more like their cardboard box container than cereal should, so I returned to the sink to pour the staleness down the disposal. As I ran the water, I felt a tickling sensation on my foot. At first, I pulled back as though a bug had been running on it. Then, I saw the falls. Water pouring out from under the cabinet doors.

Panic set in immediately. Thoughts of plumbing bills began mentally ringing up in my head. Being the do-it-yourself-er I tend to think I can be, I figured I ought to at least examine the situation. Moving the rug and all the stuff under the sink so I could dry the area with towels, I then realized, quite simply, that the curvy-down part of the pipe had come disconnected from the straight-down part (those are the technical terms).

So, I fixed it. I hoisted the curvy-down part up on top of an old apple juice jar, which now holds it in place beautifully. The picture above shows my masterful handiwork. At least we can use the sink for now. I think a little glue and plumber's putty will be the necessary solutions, but I'll let Darin work on that while I'm at Super Summer next week. (Hee Hee!)

If someone can come up with a great spiritual truth in this experience, I'm open for suggestions. I'm just relieved the flood has stopped!


Summer Says... said...

I'm thrilled to see you writing again! I've missed your words of wisdom, dear friend (almost as much as I miss you!!!). As for a spiritual connection - how about this:

Regardless of the curvy choices we make, no matter how much sin, frustration and despair is leaking out around us, Jesus is there to pick us up and connect us to the straight will God has for us?

love you!

LT said...

Yes - I do think there is a spiritual lesson here. The break in the pipe is like our lives are -- when there is hidden sin, we don't function as we should. Sometimes we only see the results of the break, like the water flowing out. But when we search it out and find it, we have a choice. We can hide it (close the cabinet door), we can try to fix it ourselves (prop it up), but we won't function as God desires us to until the Master has fixed it.