Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Judo We I Lo" Loves "A Wind Door"

My friend Alison recently posted a site on her blog I've thoroughly enjoyed and wanted to share. If you like letters and words, you'll get a kick out of typing in the names of family and friends just to see what comes up.

Here's the deal: Anagrams, rearranging the letters of a word to make another word, may sometimes reveal more about the nature or character of the word than you'd imagine. So, to save you the trouble of pulling out pencil and paper, here's a website that will do it for you. Go ahead, type in your name and see what comes up! Alison was looking to see if any of her results reflected her personality. Since I know nothing about Judo and even less about physics, that didn't work out for me.

My five piddly results were:
Id Joule Ow
Judo Lie Ow
Judo Lei Ow
Judo We Oil
Judo We I Lo

Darin's were much more fun; he had 290. My favorites were:
Android Ow
Radio Down
A Wind Door
A Wind Odor
Dad Wino Or
Dado I Worn

As to whether or not these fit his character, I'll let somebody else decide.


Alison Bryant said...

Hey, thanks for the mention, Julie! Glad you had fun with it. My favorites of the ones y'all came up with are Android Ow and A Wind Odor.

Darin M Wood said...

For Duane, there are 34463 results. Here's a couple of faves -
Headmen Units
A Hinted Menus
A Shunned Time
A Shunned Item
A Shunned Emit
A Shunned Mite
A Shunted Mine
Heated Mi Nuns
and my personal favorite - Head Mine Nuts!